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About Our Company

Solution for all logistics obstacle - Beldara Express

The main aim to introduce Beldara Express is to provide better delivery service to buyers and sellers. Beldara takes the responsibility of bringing a smile on the customer's face by shipping products safely and on-time through its new venture Beldara Express. It ensures that every customer is happy with the service which we excel in i.e. On-Time Delivery & Safe Delivery.

Beldara Express has inaugurated its warehouse in 7 new locations - Delhi, Mumbai, Parbhani, Agra, Prayagraj, Rohtas, and Surat. Very soon, Beldara Express warehouses will be active in many other states as well. Beldara Express ensures to help sellers who don’t have adequate resources to take care of supply chain management and logistics support.

The effective features implemented by the management to help the logistic service run smoothly:

  • Different logistic operations are dedicated to handling different states and countries hence optimize time.

  • Experience express delivery with the urgent transportation facility that helps products to reach anywhere and on promised time.

  • Well-designed management makes sure no damaged or tampered products are delivered to the customer.

  • Easy online tracking proffers with transparency in the shipment process to understand the supply chain process.

  • Cost-effective as it doesn't involve any mediator. No extra hidden charges are involved apart from the shipping fee.

  • Avail 24*7 customer support. Speak to our logistic expert for any query, they will happily resolve all your problems.
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